Entering New Student Publications

The Bioinformatics website has a list of publications by current and past UCSD Bioinformatics and Systems Biology graduate students and another page listing publications by Biomedical Informatics students and alumni.

  • We list refereed journal articles, books, or other publications for graduate students in the UCSD Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Graduate Program or the Biomedical Informatics program. We also include publications our alums if the work pertains to this graduate program. Short conference abstracts, posters, talks, etc., should not be listed here.
  • Please check these pages for your articles by searching for your last name in your browser.
  • Please notify us of any errors in existing listings, such as articles attributed to you that are actually by someone else with a similar name, or missing/incorrect highlighting (program students, alumni, and faculty are highlighted in the author lists).
  • To add new or missing publications, use the Student Publications submission form.
  • Please search for your articles on PubMed and enter the PubMed IDs (PMID) if available. The PMID is an 8 digit number such as 18197122, listed in the PubMed search results.  We can retrieve full bibliographic information in a standardized format using PMIDs. If your journal is indexed by PubMed but your article hasn't appeared in PubMed yet, please wait.  However, if you have publications that will not be indexed by PubMed, you may enter full bibliographic information in a separate box below.
  • For articles not on PubMed, other databases that may be relevant to students in the program include DBLP (for Computer Science), MathSciNet (for math), and Zentralblatt MATH (for math); these all can provide citations in BiBTeX and other formats.  For books, try Amazon.  Other resources are Google Scholar and Wikipedia's list of bibliographic databases. Of course, your publisher should provide you with the complete citation.
  • If an article is still under review, please wait until it is accepted and published before listing it here. We will list the final, completed publication information.
  • As you get new publications in the future, please add them to this list.

Student Publications Submission Form