Mass spectrometric detection of tissue proteins in plasma.

TitleMass spectrometric detection of tissue proteins in plasma.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsZhang H, Liu AY, Loriaux P, Wollscheid B, Zhou Y, Watts JD, Aebersold R
JournalMol Cell Proteomics
Date Published2007 Jan
KeywordsAntigens, CD, Glycopeptides, Humans, Mass Spectrometry, Neoplasm Proteins

It has long been thought that blood plasma could serve as a window into the state of one's organs in health and disease because tissue-derived proteins represent a significant fraction of the plasma proteome. Although substantial technical progress has been made toward the goal of comprehensively analyzing the blood plasma proteome, the basic assumption that proteins derived from a variety of tissues could indeed be detectable in plasma using current proteomics technologies has not been rigorously tested. Here we provide evidence that such tissue-derived proteins are both present and detectable in plasma via direct mass spectrometric analysis of captured glycopeptides and thus provide a conceptual basis for plasma protein biomarker discovery and analysis.

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Alternate TitleMol. Cell Proteomics
PubMed ID17030953