Metabolic modeling of microbial strains in silico.

TitleMetabolic modeling of microbial strains in silico.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsCovert MW, Schilling CH, Famili I, Edwards JS, Goryanin II, Selkov E, Palsson BO
JournalTrends Biochem Sci
Date Published2001 Mar
KeywordsGenome, Microbiology, Models, Biological

The large volume of genome-scale data that is being produced and made available in databases on the World Wide Web is demanding the development of integrated mathematical models of cellular processes. The analysis of reconstructed metabolic networks as systems leads to the development of an in silico or computer representation of collections of cellular metabolic constituents, their interactions and their integrated function as a whole. The use of quantitative analysis methods to generate testable hypotheses and drive experimentation at a whole-genome level signals the advent of a systemic modeling approach to cellular and molecular biology.

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Alternate TitleTrends Biochem. Sci.
PubMed ID11246024